Jesus Made People Feel Good About Themselves?

Too True…

Thank you.


Intelligence is not a Sin!

A woman replied to another commenter’s reply to a blog post about the rich young ruler (, “It’s people like you that made me leave too. Jesus was cool [and] made people feel good about themselves. You sure don’t.” She was responding to a commenter who told the truth. Let me explain.

The original blog to which these commenters were responding was a sort of retelling of the story of the rich young ruler (cast as a Millennial). However, instead of telling the actual encounter between Jesus and him, it went on from there to deal with the ruler’s reaction – in the form of a letter explaining why he left (perhaps much like Millennials leaving churches today). In that letter, the “rich young ruler” stated “First of all, I get this feeling that I’m not good enough. That I’m lacking something. That I don’t measure up. This is…

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