A Dictator in the Pulpit

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wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325Many Baptist brothers and sisters have grieved as they witnessed a man with charisma and personality take a pastorate, preach a watered-down, feel good gospel and rapidly increase the membership roll with unregenerate people by appealing to the flesh with various programs.

Building programs invariably follow.  Congregational singing is replaced with a praise band.  Turn down the lights and turn up the sound.  Make it feel like a night club and appeal to that flesh.  Stand up and wave those hands or you’re not worshiping!

Bible study and discipleship are no longer necessary.  They’re replaced with small groups, life groups, recovery groups, and basketball leagues.  The more we conform to the world the more comfortable they will feel when they visit.  If they see that there’s no difference between us and them maybe they’ll come back!

The church constitution, by-laws and covenants have to go.  Way too restrictive on a…

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