The New Birth: Before or After Repentance & Faith?

Reformed Baptist Daily

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The doctrine of the new birth, also known as regeneration,[1] is a central teaching in the broader doctrine of salvation.  Unfortunately, not all Christians see eye-to-eye in regards to the place of regeneration in the ordo salutis (order of salvation).  Briefly stated, the Reformed position (which I argue for in this article) holds that the new birth precedes and effectually brings about repentance and faith in an individual.  On the other hand, the non-Reformed position (e.g. Arminianism)[2] holds that repentance and faith precedes and effectually brings about the new birth in an individual.[3]  At first glance this may seem like a trivial matter.  Yet, upon closer examination of the nature of this doctrine, along with the implications of the Arminian view, we must conclude that the difference between the two perspectives are far from trivial…

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