The Consolidation of a Mega-Cult

The heresies of Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and the whole Bethel Church movement are only increasing.

The Narrowing Path

Bill Johnson and Kris Valloton speak about their plans to consolidate the activities of their cult at Bethel Church in Redding, California…

I hope you were able to listen very carefully to this discussion. These men are not speaking of true Christianity, nor of the Creator of the universe. Their arrogance and lack of fear of the Lord is palpable. They worship a false god, preach a false gospel and are expanding the influence of their false teachings at an alarming rate. Please pray for those who are caught in the deception of Bethel Church, Jesus Culture and their many new age/occult activities. Please also pray for these men, as they too are lost and in need of salvation. (I make no assessment of the eternal destiny of these men, only their current spiritual state. Their repentance, should the Holy Spirit so move them, will lead them to salvation).


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