Man-Centered Gay Rights VS. God’s Truth.

No, Pastor Bowers, when you attempt to usurp the sovriegnty of God and His Word, you practice at the satanic deceptions of rebellion and witchcraft.


1 Corinthians 6:8-10

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

8 On the contrary, you yourselves wrong and defraud. You do this even to your brethren.

9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [a]effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.


Gay rights post by Gosford Anglican Parish minster Rod Bower goes viral on Facebook

gay rights sign

Father Rod Bower outside the Anglican Parish of Gosford, with the gay rights sign that has gone viral, with thousands of Facebook shares and likes. Source: News Limited

marriage equality

It’s not the first time Anglican priest Fr Rod Bower has made his views on gay rights clear. He put this sign up in 2011 announcing his support of marriage equality. Source: News Limited

A GAY rights Facebook post by the Anglican Parish of Gosford has gone viral and become an internet hit.

Father Rod Bower posted a photo of the church’s sign board in Mann St with the message “Dear Christians, some people are gay, get over it, Love God” on Wednesday.

Within 24 hours, the post had more than 100,000 hits, 1000 shares and 3000 likes.

Father Bower said he was “overwhelmed” by the massive response.

“Normally one of my posts might get a few thousand views, but nothing like this,” he said.

“This has gone international now – there are people liking it all over the world and it is just a little sign in Gosford.”


Nationwide push for same-sex marriage

The Gosford Anglican Parish Facbook post


Apart from a handful of negative responses, Father Bower said the reaction was hugely positive and hundreds of people had made supportive comments.

“I have had a number of phone calls and ran into people who have said, ‘Good on you this is really great,’ also,” he said. “I think it shows that it’s an important issue and that a lot of people have spiritual questions that are not being met by traditional forms of Christianity.”

Father Bower said he put the sign up to tell the wider community there was more than one way to approach gay rights.

“The conservative view is not the only view,” he said. “Marriage equality is a hot issue at the moment and it seems the church is struggling to get over this issue.

“I am reflecting on what the spirit of God might be saying in a modern world.”

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2 Responses to Man-Centered Gay Rights VS. God’s Truth.

  1. Jason Arrowsmith says:


    The majority of people world-wide do not know what homosexuals do in private. Nor do The majority of people world-wide know the medical consequences that homosexuals suffer due to their lifestyle.

    In essence – homosexuals engage in a literally; debauched, depraved, sexually filthy and ill health ridden lifestyle.

    While male homosexuals comprise only (2% – 3%) two to three percent of the male population, they commit (1/3) one-third of all child molestation cases. That is, (1/3) one-third of all paedophile cases are homosexual in nature: man to boy.

    Think about that for a moment. Homosexuals comprise less than (3%) three percent of the population, yet homosexuals are responsible for (1/3) one-third of all child sex abuse cases. That is staggering!

    There is an overwhelming correlation between homosexual preference and paedophilia. This is further evidence that homosexuality is in fact sexual deviancy.

    We should all be greatly concerned at the thought of any child that is fathered and or adopted by homosexuals (unbeknown to them has AIDS or HIV). The high risk of cross-infection upon adopted children living together with homosexual so called parents is grotesquely hideous. Especially the risk of their children becoming infected with AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis-A, B, C, D, E, F or G, and other infectious diseases.

    May God help those children.

    Considering the debauched, depraved, sexually filthy and ill health ridden lifestyle homosexuals practise on a daily basis, we must all be very concerned about being served food in a restaurant by a homosexual chef or waiter. Being treated by a homosexual doctor, dentist even a hairdresser or barber.
    Being cautious and alert to close encounters playing contact sports, examples are:
    Australian rules football, lacrosse, rugby league, Rugby Union, roller derby, American football, water polo, wrestling, sumo, team handball, slam ball and ice hockey.

    Full-contact martial arts include boxing, mixed martial arts, jujutsu, Muay Thai, judo, and various forms of full contact karate.

    Examples of low contact sports include baseball, basketball, field hockey, netball, squash, running and football.

    Even swimming contests pose a risk, especially if a homosexual athlete (unbeknown to them has AIDS or HIV) has a cut or other open wound injury, swims at a contest or during practise sessions and if their infected AIDS or HIV blood seeps into the swimming pool water it could infect another athlete.

    Engaging in rectal sex & fecal sex.

    The typical sexual practices of homosexuals are a medical horror story – imagine exchanging saliva, feces, semen and or blood with dozens of different men each year.

    Imagine drinking urine, ingesting feces and experiencing rectal trauma on a regular basis

    According to the pro-homosexual text Anal Pleasure and Health, “[s]exual activities provide many opportunities for tiny amounts of contaminated feces to find their way into the mouth of a sexual partner . . . The most direct route is oral-anal contact.”[34]

    RECTAL SEX Surveys indicate that about 90% of gays have engaged in rectal intercourse, and about two-thirds do it regularly. In a 6-month long study of daily sexual diaries,3 gays averaged 110 sex partners and 68 rectal encounters a year.

    FECAL SEX About 80% of gays (see Table) admit to licking and/or inserting their tongues into the anus of partners and thus ingesting medically significant amounts of feces. Those who eat or wallow in it are probably at even greater risk. In the diary study,5 70% of the gays had engaged in this activity–half regularly over 6 months. Result? –the “annual incidence of hepatitis A in…homosexual men was 22 percent, whereas no heterosexual men acquired hepatitis A.” In 1992,26 it was noted that the proportion of London gays engaging in oral/anal sex had not declined since 1984

    What would you do if you had huge parasitic cysts? That could burst at any moment? And spill thousands of babies?

    Larval tapeworms, are acquired by ingesting tiny eggs passed in the stool of animals or humans carrying adult parasites. Silently breaching the intestinal lining, then morphing into juvenile stages, the microscopic parasites eventually find their way into a congenial organ. Then they slowly grow … and grow … and grow. Pork tapeworm larvae typically lodge in the human brain and can eventually cause seizures, severe headaches and blockage of cerebrospinal fluid.

    May God help us all.

    Relevant reference and academic papers cited below:

    Homosexual Health – Lesbian Health


    The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality

    Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse

  2. Jason says:

    Agreed, 100%

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